• Cone Beam

  • Cone Beam Computerized Tomography: (aka CT-Scan / 3-D Imaging)


    A key component of all re-treatment and complex procedures that permits diagnostics before treatment.

    Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) has become the new standard in endodontic patient care. The award-winning Kodak 9000 3D combines high-quality panoramic imaging with the power of focused-field 3D technology.  Edge size resolution and minimum slice thickness in the industry (0.076 mm) means greater detail for a more precise diagnosis. Exported Images include a full version of the viewing application

    Diagnose in 3 Dimensions


    Take a look at the details revealed in a 3D slice images. These images reflect images that are other wise non-observable though traditional x-rays.  They can be rotated about an axis and layer/Slices removed and zoomed providing the ultimate view.

    Eliminate the Guesswork

    Obtain more accurate diagnoses and more predictable treatment plans with the CBCT System.  This technology allows one to:

    • Locate difficult to find canal anatomy:
    • Access through calcifications in a precise manner
    • Determine the cause of failure in re-treatment cases
    • Visualize fractures in the tooth
    • Visualize the extent of the lesion (infection) around the tooth
    • Locate proximity of important anatomical structures during surgical procedures
    • It can also be used by other specialists or your general dentist to plan implants in an area as well as make a surgical guide and execute the placement of the implant
    • A copy of the scan as well as the program to manipulate it will be given to your referring