• Board Certified

  • What is a Board Certified Endodontist?

    Board certification is  a process in which an endodontist proves to fellow members their capabilities at an advanced level.  There are less than 5,000 board certified members globally and less than 150 in California .  The process generally takes many years and guarantees expert level knowledge and skill in the speciality.

    Step 1. Written Exam.

    The written exam is a composite of all  Endodontic materials taught both during the 4 years of dental schooling and 2 to 3 years of speciality training.  The  exam is administered at a proctored facility over four hour period with 200 multiple choice questions.  There is no single source of study material or preparation for this exam.

    Step 2. Case History Profile

    The case history profile is perhaps the most complex part of the certification process.  This submittal involves selecting advanced and complex treatment cases and presenting them for specific designated categories.  For a case to qualify all steps meeting the boards guidelines including clean radiographs must be present.  For a case to be valid, a patient must return for a 1 year follow up to show the positive results.   Cases are reviewed for expert level skill and top level presentation.

    Step 3. Oral Exam.

    The oral exam is an extend compilation of steps 1 and 2, but with the added challenge of current AAE / Journal of Endodontics literature review and other trade periodicals.  Questions are poised to a candidate in a manner than does not just require a correct answer, but to cite the specific research results and the doctor or doctors that produced it.  Many of the questions are open answer with no specific right choices, however all arguments must be stated for a candidate to be considered correct.   All answers are cited from memory with no aid materials. Candidates must fly to a designated location at assigned times in order to take this exam that is given only twice a year.

    The Results

    There are few endodontist that  once they achieve their speciality are willing or have the discipline to go through the board certification process.  As a personal challenge this certification represents a dedication to the specialty and the finest in patient care.  Orange Micro Endodontics is proud to be  board certified.